Wellspring Parent Advisory Committee (WPAC)

Get involved!

  • Wellspring recognizes that parents play a vital role in the development of their children’s education and we welcome parental involvement. The Mission of the Wellspring Parent Advisory Committee (WPAC) is to support the school’s mission, programmes and activities and to act in the best interest of the entire community.


  • Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between parents and the school.
  • Supports the learning of all students in line with the adopted school curriculum.
  • Facilitates the development of educational activities for parents.
  • Offers a variety of social support mechanisms for parents.
  • Promotes a positive image of the school to the wider community.
  • Organizes and promotes fundraising projects beneficial to Wellspring as a whole.

    The election of 15 new WPAC committee members will take place on December 11 at 5.30pm in Mathaf Library.

Full guidelines and requirements can be downloaded by clicking on each of the links below:

Parents are kindly asked to contact their representative with any comments or individual concerns they may have.