Group 4: Experimental Sciences

This group of subjects not only covers the ‘traditional’ sciences of Biology, Physics and Chemistry but also includes Computer Science and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS).  All DP students must take one of these subjects. At Wellspring we are offering Biology, Physics and Chemistry at both higher and standard level and Environmental Systems and Societies at standard (ESS) level. ESS may also be taken as a group 3 subject, giving more flexibility to the programme. Assessment is carried out through a combination of external examinations and internal tasks such as investigations and labs. Students will also undertake a collaborative Group 4 project in which they “work together on a scientific or technological topic”. A key aspect of science in the DP is developing a global awareness of scientific issues and concerns; students are encouraged to view science not only as a laboratory exercise but also as an “international endeavor”.(DP Biology guide IBO 2014)