Tuition and Other

Tuition and Other Fees 2024-2025

Financial Policy and Responsibility

Finance Terms and Conditions

  • Signing the offer letter binds you with a commitment to the school’s finance terms, conditions, and policies applicable through the entire duration of your child’s enrolment in Wellspring.
  • A non-refundable application processing fee of $100 paid in Cash USD only or by International wire transfer if from outside Lebanon, is required for all new applications. Payment of this fee does not guarantee acceptance.
  • For new students the Capital Development is a nonrefundable onetime fee of $2,525 paid in Cash USD only or by International wire transfer if from outside Lebanon.
  • The non-refundable 1st installments of LBP 30,000,000 and $3,000 (part of the total tuition fees) are paid to reserve the place of the student. The remaining balances of the tuition and fees are paid in two installments throughout the year (June and December).
  • A family discount of 10% reduction in tuition fees is only offered starting from the third child for the LBP tuition.
  • A family discount of 15% reduction in Auxiliary Fees is offered for the third child and 20% beginning with the fourth child for the USD Auxiliary Fees.
  • Other Fees are not subject to discount.
  • Tuition and Fees payments must be received by the school on or before the due dates listed in the fees section.
  • Acceptance of enrollment constitutes an agreement to pay the full academic year’s account, comprising both total tuition and fees and all related fees and expenses of the student, even in cases of early departure, for whatever reason.
  • A student needing to withdraw from Wellspring, after attending their first day of class, should notify the Admissions Office in writing stating the reason for withdrawal. The full year’s tuition and fees are due regardless of early withdrawal.
  • The full year’s tuition and fees will be payable even in cases of suspension or exclusion as a result of severe behavior problems, academic failure or misrepresentation by parent or guardian of identity, nationality, disability, illness or special needs.
  • If parents fail to share any information about their child being previously diagnosed and/or having received treatment for any developmental, speech, learning, social-emotional or physical disability, and is discovered after the student’s enrollment in the school, the school has the right to decline the acceptance and/or ask the student to withdraw from Wellspring with no refund of any tuition or fees paid to date.
  • Should the school find it necessary to close for an extended period during the school year, for reasons beyond its control, there will be no refund of tuition and fees.
  • An account is considered delinquent if not paid on or before the due date. A late payment fee of $250 per month or part of a month will be added to be paid in cash to overdue accounts. Parents will also be liable for any legal costs incurred in the collection of any unpaid fees.
  • Any sum tendered that is less than the sum owed will be accepted and applied to the outstanding account only. Late payment fees will be applied to any unpaid balance of fees as set in the previous clause.
  • Students missing more than 25% of the school year, over and above the school holidays (e.g. because of extended family travel or a severe illness) may not qualify for promotion to the next grade level. Promotion decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Head of School.
  • No refunds will be given in the case of extended absence from school.
  • The student and the student’s family agree to comply with and be subject to all Wellspring’s rules, regulations and procedures.

Method of Payment

For new students, the Capital Development is a nonrefundable onetime fee of $2,525 paid in Cash USD only or by International wire transfer if from outside Lebanon.

Tuition & Fees are payable in cash LBP for the LBP part of the tuition and in cash USD for the USD part of the tuition and Capital Development. Exchange between currencies is not allowed.

Payments can be made by:

  • In cash by direct bank deposit at any Bank Audi branch, Parents are responsible for all bank fees. When paying in cash at the bank, please remember to ask them to quote the name of your child on the Bank Receipt.
  • Payment can be done also at school premises.


  • Please call our Accounting department at +961 1 283683 Ext: 220 or 225 for further details.