International WWW experiences

Experience 1: Language & Culture in Nice, France

Location: Nice, France .

Grades: 7-11 .

Dates: April 10-17 (travel after school on evening of April 10) .

Description: In keeping with our desire to offer an international education as part of being an IB World School, Wellspring Learning Community is collaborating with Langue France Institute, Nice, France. 

Wellspring Learning Community is organizing an educational cultural trip through which students will learn the French language with native speakers in a fun and innovative way. The course in France will focus on oral communication skills in different contexts and for different purposes. The activities proposed in the classroom are focused on encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas in groups.  

Learning is supposed to be fun! This is why the trip includes daily trips and activities that enable our students to be in direct contact with locals and such practice communication skills while exploring sites local historical and cultural sites. We will be taking what is learned in the classroom “out”.  

Strand: Intercultural understanding, Wellspring curriculum .

More detailed information: Students will take 20 French classes during the week and practice the language in real life situations while exploring the city and surrounding areas. Accommodation is in home stays with local families so students can speak the language at home while sharing breakfast and dinner with their family. 

Activities could include: 

  • Biking tour of the city  .
  • Half-day excursion of Eze village and visit of the Fragonard Perfumery (transportation by public bus)  .
  • Introduction to “ Jeux de pétanque”  .
  • Visit of the Confiserie Florian  .
  • Full-day excursion of Monaco Monte Carlo and visit of the Oceanographic Museum (transportation by train)  .
  • Full-day excursion in Menton (transportation by train)  .

 *Note that students will need a visa to visit France if they do not have one already. 

Partner – Langue France, Nice 

Program Cost: $1800 – estimated cost will depend on number of students enrolled and final prices for tickets. Price includes round trip ticket, homestays (breakfast and dinner at homestays), language classes, guided excursions and activities, support from local partner, local transportation and lunches.  

Student Profile: Is taking or has taken French in school. 

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Experience 2: Jordan Cultural Trip

Location: Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Jordan 

Grades: 8-10 

Dates: April 11-15 

Description: Visit Jordan and see historical, cultural and religious sites. This trip will take students to visit Wadi Rum, Petra and Amman, while learning about the environment, history and culture of the places they visit. Students will get to visit the ancient site of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and stay overnight in the Wadi Rum desert which is likened to staying on Mars! They will explore the historic and modern sites in the Jordanian capital, Amman. 

Strand: Intercultural understanding, Wellspring curriculum 

More detailed information: Students will stay in hotels in Amman and Petra and will “camp” in tent-like fully furnished structures in the Wadi Rum desert, an unforgettable experience. 


April 11th: Arrive morning at Queen Alia International Airport. Wadi Rum. Dinner and overnight

April 12th: Wadi Rum two hours 4WD into the desert – Petra. Lunch in Petra. Dinner and Overnight in Petra. 

April 13th: Petra visit with lunch – Amman. Dinner and overnight.

April 14th: Amman – Baptism site visit. Amman city tour with lunch – Amman. Dinner and overnight.

April 15th: Amman – Day in Amman. Depart evening from Queen Alia International Airport. 

Why visit Jordan? Learn more here

Partner – Amin Kawar & Sons Travel & Toursim

*Students can purchase a visa upon arrival in the Amman airport. 

Program Cost: $1400 – estimated cost will depend on final student numbers and cost of tickets. Includes flight, local transportation, guided five-day program, accommodations, visas (purchased in airport if applicable), meals.  

Student Profile: Students interested in Arab culture, history, geography and exploring amazing sites. 

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Experience 3: Nepal Service Trip

Location: Kathmandu, Pokhara & Kavre, Nepal 

Grades: 9-11 

Dates: April 11-21 – this trip extends into spring break in order to give students enough time to experience and appreciate Nepal 

Description: The Nepal Service and Culture Trip will inspire intercultural understanding, service to others, physical activity and an appreciation for nature. Wellspring students will gain these attributes through a multi-day nature trek in the Himalayas, service to a rural school and cultural experiences with Nepali families, cities, and villages. Reflecting the Wellspring MYP and DP learning curriculum, this adventure is ingrained in geographical, historical, cultural, health, creativity, action, and service learning experiences.  

Throughout this trip, students will: 

  • Discover new thoughts and ideas
  • Breakthrough physical and mental barriers through a four day trekking adventure in the Himalayas 
  • Develop a new appreciation and connecting with nature 
  • Learn to live and be happy without the material goods we’ve grown attached to 
  • Develop a passion and desire to give 

Strand: Service, Intercultural understanding 

More detailed information: The trip centers around two primary adventures, a four-day trek through the Himalayan mountains, reaching the 3,200 meter peak of Poon Hill to view the sunrise over the ranges highest peaks, as well as service at the Shree Shiva Shakti Basic School (Temal Guapalika-8, Mechchhe, Kavre, Nepal). The school service is planned in collaboration with Ranum Efterskole College, a Danish school with over 10 years of experience developing culture and nature trips, who supports Shree Shiva Shakti Basic School through yearly trips and fundraising. 

Throughout their trip students will create various projects including: video diaries, documentaries, social media journals, photo journals, written journals, and presentations so they may share their experience with the outside world, including the Wellspring Community. 

In order to support the Shree Shiva Shakti School, a rural school in one of the poorest countries in the world, our students will choose to contribute to these students current and future wellbeing through: 

  • Sharing Lebanese culture, food, music, dance, and traditions. 
  • Leading creative activities in the arts: music, dance, crafts, art, games, etc. 
  • Helping to build and maintain parts of the school 
  • Installing new playground and classroom facilities 
  • Bringing school supplies to support their education 
  • Bringing toothbrushes and toothpaste to teach the students how to brush their teeth 

Itinerary (12 days, 11 nights)

April 11th: Kathmandu arrival – Culture day (Durbar Square and Monkey Temple). Stay in Kathmandu.

April 12th: Morning bus to Pokhara – Trek to Tikhedhunga/Ulleri – Accompanied by Danish supervisor + local Nepalese guide selected by Danish school for all hike. Stay in teahouse on trail

April 13th: Trek from Tikhedhunga/Ulleri to Ghorepani (2,840 m). Stay in teahouse on trail.

April 14th: Trek from Ghorepani to Tadapani (2,610 m). Sunrise at Poon Hill. Stay in teahouse on trail. 

April 15th: Trek from Tadapani to Nayapul. Drive to Pokhara. Stay in teahouse on trail.

April 16th: Pokhara – watch the Himalayan sunrise from Sarangkot, row on Phewa-Tal, hike the World Peace Pagoda – bus to Kathmandu (prepare for service). Stay in Kathmandu. 

April 17th: Take bus to arrive in Mechchhe Kayre, Nepal and hike to Shree Shiva Shakti School. Introductions, lessons, service. (Homestay). 

April 18th: Shree Shiva Shakti School service (homestay).

April 19th: Shree Shiva Shakti School service (homestay)

April 20th: Morning return to Kathmandu – Cultural day (Bhaktapur). Stay in Kathmandu. 

April 21st: Return flight to Beirut. 

*Students can purchase a visa upon arrival in the Kathmandu airport. 

Program Cost: $1,999 – estimated cost depends on student numbers and final ticket prices. Price includes flights, local transportation, guides, accommodations, meals, visa, daily expenses, and materials. 

Student Profile:  

As this trip entails a multi-day hike through the Himalayas, home stays with local families and working in a local school, we ask all students applying to complete a supplemental application to ensure that they embrace the purpose of the trip, embody the characteristics required and are of good physical condition to take part. Both the WWW sign up form and this Nepal application must be submitted by the deadline. 

  • Physically capable (students with asthma, respiratory problems or other health concerns that will be impacted by high altitude and physical activity are not recommended to apply)
  • Motivated 
  • Hard-Working 
  • Caring 
  • Service-oriented 
  • Culturally tolerant 
  • Leaders 
  • Communicators 

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Experience 4: Thailand Service Learning

Location: Phang Nga province, Thailand 

Grades: 10-11, priority goes to Grade 11 students  

Dates: April 11-20, students would return in the evening on April 20, this trip extends into spring break in order to give students enough time to experience and appreciate Thailand 

Description: Learn about the biodiversity of the surrounding environment, contribute towards essential biodiversity studies, and help at a local turtle rehabilitation center, alongside the direction of local partners. GVI’s Thailand Conservation project is located in Phang Nga Province, two hours North of Phuket, with the Andaman Sea to the West and Phang Nga Bay to the south. The province is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, numerous national parks, and beautiful scenery, and is known for its white sandy beaches, tropical islands, majestic limestone rock formations, and the warm hospitality of Thai locals. The program, in addition to cultural explorations, will focus on gaining a better understanding of the local ecosystem in Phang Nga, and preserving its biodiversity. Other elements that may be examined are water security, climate energy, and access to clean energy. Specifically, students help to assist and develop local coastal conservation efforts through providing practical support to project partners, data collection, awareness raising and habitat restoration. 

Learn more about the program here!

Strand: Service, Intercultural understanding, Wellspring curriculum 

More detailed information:  

During the 10 day trip, students will participate in conservation efforts at a turtle rehabilitation base, address litter and pollution at the local beach, promote conservation and environmental awareness at local schools, and help with local sustainability efforts. Throughout the process, students will learn about the environment and sustainability while immersing themselves in Thai culture. 

Excursions include overnight on a rafthouse at Khao Sok Lake with boat rides, hiking, snorkeling, birding, and visits to Buddhist temples. 

April 11th: Flight morning Beirut – Phuket 

April 12th: Early morning arrive Phuket, transfer to program site 

April 12th to April 19th: Program activities including 2 day excursion  

April 20th: Flight Phuket – Beirut arrive in evening 

Partner – Global Vision International, more information about the trip and program provider here

A GVI service-learning program provides students with the opportunity to live and work within the “classroom” of their chosen field of study, and to develop professional capacities associated with intercultural competency, global citizenship, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. By participating in this program, students will be prepared to contribute to solutions for critical global issues related to sustainable development within a local community, and alongside an international team. 

*Students should apply for a Thai visa at the Thai Embassy in Beirut. 

Program Cost: $3900 – estimated cost that depends on final student numbers and ticket prices. Price includes all program costs with GVI, flights, transportation, accommodations and meals. Price does not include visa fees. 

Concerned about the cost? Here is GVI’s guide to fundraising!

Student Profile: Students interested in conservation, service, Thai culture and adventure. 

Experience 5: Turkey – Istanbul & Capadoccia

Location: Istanbul & Capadoccia, Turkey 

Grades: 7-10 

Dates: April 11-17, 2019 

Description: The purpose of this experience is to explore another culture, learn about both ancient and modern regional history, and enjoy being in the colorful and dynamic landscapes of both Istanbul and central Anatolia.  

Strand: Intercultural understanding, Wellspring curriculum 

More detailed information:  

Students will stay in hotels and the itinerary can be found below.

April 11th: Fly to Kaysari – transfer to Cappadoccia. Review of “survival” Turkish language class and introduction to Cappadocia. Visit Goreme open air museum in the late afternoon. Optional Turkish bath  

April 12th: Underground city tour. Pottery / carpet weaving demonstration. Sunset viewpoint / cultural night.  

April 13th: Activities day – Horseback riding or hiking. Gourd lamp making (optional art activity). Fly Kaysari to Istanbul.   

April 14th: Day in Istanbul. Visit Sultanahmet (Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque & Underground Cistern).   

April 15th: Day in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia. Grand Bazaar. Art class OR Cooking class (student choice)  

April 16th: Day in Istanbul. Dolmabaçe palace. Bosphorus cruise. Tulip festival. Final evening dinner in Sultanahmet.  

April 17th: Fly to Beirut. 

Partner – Experta Tours 

*Students can purchase a visa upon arrival in the Istanbul airport. Students who need to obtain a visa before arriving in Turkey are responsible for applying independently. 

Program Cost: $1600 – estimated price depends on number of students and final ticket prices. Price includes flights, guided tour, accommodations, meals and activities. Price does not include optional activities or visas (for applicable students). 

Student Profile: Students interested in Turkish culture, history, geography and exploring amazing sites. 

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Experience 6: DP History Trip

Location: Helsinki, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia Grades: Grade 11 Description: The primary purpose of the experience is to get a new perspective and a new understanding of the historical material we are taking in class by visiting the sites we have studied, specifically, throughout our authoritarian states unit. Students will start and end the trip in Helsinki, Finland, where they will explore a former soviet state. Students will take an overnight cruise to St. Petersburg, where they will spend three days immersing themselves in historical and cultural visits.  Strand: Wellspring curriculum, intercultural understanding

More detailed information: Students will have the opportunity to learn about and explore Soviet history and culture through visits to numerous historical sites. Connections will be made to the Wellspring curriculum. Accommodations are in hotels and two nights on the overnight cruise between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Please see the itinerary below. 

April 11th                              Early morning flight Beirut – Helsinki; 5:00 PM departure with East West Tours to PetersburgApril 12th – April 15th          See St. Petersburg Itinerary April 15th                              Arrive in Helsinki 8:00 AM; tour Helsinki using Hop on Hop off bus tour 

April 16th                              Depart Helsinki – Beirut Partner: East West Tours, more information about the trip and program provider here *Students should have a Schengen visa to enter Finland, but will not need a visa to Russia. Students are responsible for obtaining their Schengen visa. Program cost: $2,800 – estimated cost that depends on final student numbers and ticket prices. Price includes all program costs with East West Tours, flights, transportation, accommodations and meals. Price does not include visa fees.

Student Profile: DP History students and students interested and motivated to engage in a historical trip.