Early Years Education(Nursery, KG1 and KG2)  

Early years are extremely important in educational development as each child begins to learn how to be part of a larger community outside of their familiar home environment. It is a time to experience, experiment and imagine.

Through play-based learning, a young child begins to develop understanding of general concepts and approaches to learning that will resonate throughout childhood. The Early Years curriculum integrates explorations across all disciplines through experimentation, field visits and authentic situations and technology.

As the development of the whole child is core of what we do, early years children engage their minds, hearts and hands through physical activities, art, music and technology that engage children’s heads, hearts and hands. Preschool is a time to play, experience, experiment and imagine.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a launching pad for a young student’s educational journey of inquiry, exploration and creativity. Based on the IB standards and practices, students will be immersed in a wealth of stories, games and experiential learning that will give them ample time to explore and connect to real life situations using higher levels of thinking. While English is the language of instruction, Lebanese Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic are used and explored. Students will also be exposed to French informally through a variety of special activities and events.