The primary goal of the school counselors is to encourage and support positive academic personal and social development in our students. The counselors guide students through a difficult or stressful period and can be the first step in working out how to overcome or resolve a challenge that is affecting a students’ well-being. This might be done through individual or group sessions.

The school counselors observe and interact with all students in a variety of contexts (classrooms, recess, PE), to become more familiar with students’ patterns and overall performance. When a student is referred, the counselor gathers information in consultation with significant adults in the student’s life (teachers, parents, learning support staff, and administrators) and an appropriate intervention plan is developed and implemented.

Counseling sessions are confidential between the counselor and the student, unless there is a risk of harming self or others. The counseling space is a safe place where students who feel like sharing their thoughts, feelings, and challenges are most welcome.

Child Protection Policy

WLC Child Protection Policy