CAS: Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) is an integral part and requirement of the IB Diploma Programme and Wellspring curriculum. In the IBDP, CAS is a part of the Core, one of the three essential components that all students must complete. CAS promotes a balanced lifestyle, helping to relieve academic stress.   CAS encourages students to explore their interests, build skills and serve their community by engaging in experiences that they enjoy from each of the three strands: Creativity, Activity & Service. 

  • Creativity – Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
  • Activity – Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
  • Service – Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need

All students in Grades 11 & 12 will complete CAS. Fulfillment of the CAS requirement for the IB Diploma and Wellspring graduation includes:

  • 18 months of continuous Creativity, Activity, and Service experiences (beginning day one of Grade 11)
  • CAS Experiences involving one or more strand, that collectively demonstrate a balance among the three strands and utilize the CAS Stages
  • Complete one CAS Project of at least one-month duration (an experience that involves collaboration & student initiative)
  • Achievement of the seven CAS Learning Outcomes
  • Completion of CAS portfolio (via ManageBac) to demonstrate authentic reflection
  • Engage in three formal, documented interviews with CAS Coordinator

Students are supported by the CAS Coordinator through weekly class sessions and individual/group advising. The Coordinator provides regular and detailed feedback on CAS experiences and portfolios. In addition, the Coordinator, in collaboration with Wellspring staff and contacts in the community, provides resources and opportunities for students to engage in CAS experiences both at Wellspring and outside.

Some examples of CAS experiences undertaken by Wellspring students include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Volunteering in the community at organizations like Home of Hope Lebanon, G, Animals Lebanon, Beit Atfal Asumoud, FoodBlessed, Irshad w Islah, SAWA for Development and Aid and more
  • Beach clean ups with Operation Big Blue Association
  • Organizing food, clothing and supply drives for local NGOs
  • Wellspring After School Activities (MUN, football, guitar, etc…)
  • Wellspring Student Council
  • Student-led Wellspring Photography Club
  • Wellspring Mentor Program 
  • Theater support: Wellspring theater department engages the support of CAS students for backstage, set building etc. for multiple productions throughout the year
  • Wellspring Yearbook & Newspaper
  • Staying active through gym, boxing, football, hiking, running, mountain climbing, tennis and more
  • Learning and performing creative pursuits such as visual arts, orchestra, choir, guitar, qanoun, cooking, violin and more
  • International trips: students have traveled to Nepal & South Africa for CAS trips in the past
  • Week Without Walls: students will intern with NGOs, engage in a sustainability project, produce/act in a short film, take technology courses, practice language in France, and more