Service learning in MYP

Service Learning in MYP 

IB learners strive to be caring members of the community who demonstrate a personal commitment to service and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment.
When connected to classroom learning, the experience of service offers opportunities to apply concepts, skills and knowledge. Students explore the community in its complexity, gain personal insight, develop existing and new skills and grow in confidence and responsibility as they become actors in the world beyond school.
Wellspring offers curriculum-based service learning in the MYP where students work together to take action on an issue affecting their community while making direct connections to the classroom. Service happens in many other ways at Wellspring, including service-focused experiences during Week Without Walls or student-led initiatives at school such as food and clothing drives.

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Service Learning at Wellspring

Wellspring students are active in serving their community! Learn more about the MYP Service Learning projects during the 2021-2022 school year here.
If you are interested in serving the community, check out the ideas and organizations suggested by Wellspring Class of 2025 here

Grade 10A- Great Deeds-2022

Grade 10A students in their I&S class and in Significant Individuals unit, researched and created PowerPoint presentations about people who were influential in rights and social protest movements in order to showcase that change is possible and can be initiated by individuals. They targeted SDG16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.  

Check out their presentations here

Grade 10- Natural Wetlands in Water Purification -2022

Grade 10 students in their Biology class and their Ecology unit researched and developed a lab report to compare the difference in the level of toxic nitrates before and after passing through the wetland during 2 different months. Students recognized the importance of wetlands as natural water purifiers and understand the importance of maintaining such areas. They targeted SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation.   

Check out their lab reports here

Grade 9- Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions-2022 

As part of the Just Graphics unit in their Visual Arts class, Grade 9 students explored UN Sustainable Development Goal #16; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. They created a design to advocate for achieving a target in this goal in the context of contemporary Lebanon.  

Check out their work here

Grade 9B- Human Rights and Civil Responsibilities-2022 

The Grade 9B students, through their English L&L class and their unit “Navigating the Moral Universe” researched and created speeches about human rights and responsibilities. They used the persuasive techniques in creating the speeches with pathos, ethos, logos.  Through advocacy, students took action and presented their speeches to Grade 9A students.  They targeted SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities. 

Check out their speeches here

Grade 9A- Warming Discs-2022 

Grade 9A students, through their Chemistry and English L&L IDU and ATL classes and their “Organic Chemistry” and “Environmental Awareness” units, collected and analyzed data to identify solutions and make decisions.  They combined knowledge, understanding and skills to create solutions in providing a sustainable heating alternative to wooden logs to a selected underprivileged community.  They prepared coffee discs and starter kits to offer to Maroun Abboud Public School students. They prepared and shared a presentation in which they delivered their solution. They targeted SDGs 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities and 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

Grade 9B- بتحب لبنان، حب صناعته-2022 

Grade 9B students in their I&S and Arabic L&L classes and as part of their بنية الاقتصاد اللبناني and الوصف  units discovered the Lebanese craftsmanship and discussed  issues related to that field in a written form. They highlighted the importance of sustaining and improving this industry.  The students contributed to the craftsmanship industry by finding the market to display and sell their products. They targeted SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.  

The students visited the Pasta Del Libano in Baysour to discover this food industry. They also visited ladies in Baysour  to learn about their experience in the field. They invited a representative from NAHNOO NGO to discuss the status of the craftsmanship industry in Lebanon. They invited the craftsmen to the school to hold an exhibition of their products on campus in order to support them and help market and sell their products. 

Check out their posters here

Grade 8 – الحياة ذكرى والموت خلود- 2022 

In Arabic L&L unit “القيم الأخلاقية والانسانية الى اين؟”, Grade 8 students visited Ms. Georgette, “Imm Bechara” to praise her service in educating children in need of education in her neighborhood. The students also bought stationery from a small business shop and offered her three students. The aforementioned happened in parallel with the inquiry that took place in class: “The moral concept of a story is inferred by the audience through the analysis of the lifestyle of communication among its characters”.  They targeted SDG 4 Quality Education. Check out their trip video here

Grade 8 LA French Phase 3/ Media – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle– 2022

In their French Phase 3 and Media class, Grade 8 students took part in “The Blue Dot” UNICEF project. They explored the topic on environment that requires a personal action. Students developed creative thinking skills by creating 3 videos advocating ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Throughout the project, students enriched their learning experience by undertaking challenges that develop new skills, discussing, evaluating and planning activities, working collaboratively and developing international-mindedness through global engagement. Check out their work below:

Grade 7 LA French Phase 2– Mon Mode De Vie Sain– 2022

LA French Phase 2 students and as part of their unit “Le Mode de Vie Sain”, learnt that having a healthy lifestyle means being physically and mentally sound. In parallel to a number of activities done in class, grade 7 students undertook an advocacy service project to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. They developed information literacy skills by creating presentations and videos to describe their healthy journey and prepared a PowerPoint presentation to document their work. Check out their work here!

Grade 7- A Rainbow of Our Creation-2022 

During the unit of “Learning Empathy in Drama Through Colors”, Grade 7 students analyzed how colors influence character development yet allow them to refute common connotations and finding new ones. They connected this to the idea of labeling and bullying based on common stereotypes. Students picked specific color to research and chose a new connotation to advocate for. Based on their research, they devised a scene and performed it to stand up for their color. Check out their work here

Grade 6 -“Telling Stories” Shedding Light on a Humanitarian Cause -2022 

Grade 6 students in their Media class and their Advocacy through conceptual Photography unit, worked on “Telling stories” to shed light on a humanitarian cause of their choice in light of the 17 SDGs.  The fact that conceptual photography is so creatively varied is what made out of this unit a rewarding experience. Students researched and presented this genre, then looked into inspirational examples of conceptual photography that sparked ideas for their own conceptual projects. Check out their work here

Grade 6- Jiyeh in Our Thoughts-2022 

Grade 6 students, in their Math and I&S IDU unit of “ديمغرافية السكان في المنطقة الساحلية “visited Jiyeh area on the Lebanese south coast and learned more about the damage facing the shore; including fillings in the sea, trash and urban extension. For that purpose, the students organized a beach clean-up campaign for an area in Jiyeh to enhance their environmental and national sense and to activate their community participation role. They segregated trash into glass, plastic, metals and paper. They targeted SDG 14 Life Below Water.  

Grade 6- ثياب العيد -2022 

As part of the exploration of the global context of their unit “الحوار فنّ” in their Arabic L&L class, grade 6 students discussed underprivileged communities and ways to help them. They initiated a campaign to collect new and used clothes from the wellspring community on the occasion of the coming “Eid”. The goal of this experience was to embrace others’ perspective and showcase one of the IB learner attribute; PRINCIPLED.  They targeted SDGs 10 Reduced Inequalities  and 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.  

LA Arabic Phase 1 – ترجمة أسماء أقسام المدرسة للعربية– 2021

Arabic Phase 1 students in theirأنا ومدرستي unit learnt the vocabulary related to school and its departments and divisions. They found the Arabic alternative for all the school labels and titles. The students finalized the translation, the design, the printing and lamination and posted next to the English ones.  

Grade 8  Visual Arts– Save Us– 2021

In Visual Arts unit “The Creatures Around Us”, Grade 8 students learnt about Inuit and Aboriginal art. They understood how such cultures preserved their values and beliefs through sculptural work, clothing, printmaking, and painting. The animals were the most frequently repeated theme in Inuit and Aboriginal artifacts. They discovered the significance of symbolism in their work and how it is regarded as a secret language. Students created an ad/poster in order to raise awareness about animal extinction. They prepared PowerPoint presentations to document their work. Check out their work here!

Grade 7 Biology – Food for All– 2021

In their Biology class, Grade 7 students ended their “Lifestyle and Health” unit by a service as action initiative. After learning about classifying food, creating balanced diet, and health benefits of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, students applied what they learnt in the classroom and took it a further step beyond. They took action to support the Lebanese Food Bank and raise awareness in school and for that they organized a food drive. They also prepared an awareness video for the purpose. Check out their video here!

Grade 6 Digital Design – Advocacy Presentations– 2021

Grade 6 students prepared awareness presentations using PowerPoint for the Digital Design unit of “Enlightenment”. They were asked to choose an issue of importance that affects their community, create a presentation and then present to their peers to advocate about this issue. They were introduced to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how the SDGs connect to what is happening in Lebanon as inspiration for their presentations.

Grade 10 Visual Arts – Social Advocacy – 2020

As part of the Social Advocacy unit in Grade 10 Visual Arts, students designed posters to advocate for an issue of social injustice that they are passionate about. Even faced with the challenges of creating their art at home, they persevered and students are taking action by sharing their artwork with local NGOs to use as part of their advocacy work. Their art calls for social change in areas such as child abuse, over consumption, the gender pay gap, media misrepresentation, protecting Lebanon’s national animal, the hyena, and stopping hunger.

Grade 9 Biology – Together Against Hunger

As an extension of the Food and Digestion unit in Biology, Grade 9 students collaborated with the Lebanese Food Bank to understand the nutritional value of the boxes that the NGO donates to families in need across Lebanon. Then, the students took action to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in Lebanon and collected donated food items and money to support the efforts of the Lebanese Food Bank. 

In 2020-2021, our students had to get creative! While working on this project during Virtual School, they attended an online presentation from LFB and then brainstormed ways to raise awareness. Students split into groups to create posters, videos and more about hunger in Lebanon, the work of the Lebanese Food Bank and nutritional tips related to the food items in LFB boxes. Two students also interviewed a beneficiary of the work of LFB to learn more about the current situation in Lebanon. Please see their work here and consider supporting the Lebanese Food Bank with a direct donation!

In 2019-2020, the students planned everything to launch their food drive just as school was closed due to COVID-19. Persevering in their action, the students instead created a video to encourage community members to donate to the Lebanese Food Bank. Wellspring staff collected funds and the video was shared with families and on social media – see it here

In 2018, the students collected enough donations to make 47 food boxes, the equivalent of $940! These boxes were donated to different organizations that serve their local communities – The Bird’s Nest Orphanage in Jbeil and Ministry of Social Affairs Ain El Remmeneh – as well as to individual families in need. In 2017, our students raised $330 and packed 16 packages according to set specifications from the Lebanese Food Bank. Students also shared their reflections and some of these were documented in a video form that was edited by one of our own students, Jamal Junior Sanaan. Special thanks to Eagle Films for their generous contributions and being partners with us in this awareness campaign. Check out the video here

French Phase 5 – Gender Equality – 2020

As part of the En tous genres unit for Grade 9 and 10 in Phase 5 French, students show understanding of the consequences of gender equality and how people can show empathy in a given context through communication. In parallel with a number of activities exploring gender inequalities in class, students undertook an advocacy service project to raise awareness. They created posters and prepared speeches that they presented to students in other French phases. We hope that their work inspires changes in attitudes, knowledge and behaviour and we are proud of their ability to raise awareness so eloquently in French! 

Watch Kynda Salam’s awareness video here

French Phase 3 – Support Lebanese Products – 2020

French Phase 3 students, as part of their Solidarity unit, have planned and prepared a service campaign to advocate for the Wellspring community to buy local, Lebanese products as a way to support the local economy and environment. They launched their campaign by announcing at Assembly, sharing videos with all homeroom classes and putting posters around school. 

Watch their videos here and buy local! 

Grade 9 Visual Arts – Just Graphics – 2020

As part of the Just Graphics unit in Grade 9 Visual Arts, students explored UN Sustainable Development Goal #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). They created a design to advocate for achieving this goal in the context of contemporary Lebanon. Students learned about SDG 8 and the different subcomponents of the goal and considered how to use art for advocacy as a method of Service as Action. They also researched elements and principles of art that can be applied to using art to raise awareness. Then students created designs with paper, then translated the ideas to linoleum prints to document what they understand about the SDG and how to visually portray it. 

Grade 8 English – Autism Awareness – 2020

April 2 marks World Autism Awareness Day and Wellspring’s Grade 8 students worked hard to prepare a virtual campaign to share resources and information about autism with the Wellspring community as a service project in their English class. After reading “Flowers for Algernon” in their Short Stories unit, the class learned together with the Learning Diversity and Counseling departments about autism. Students worked together in groups to create resources about autism – facts, tips on making friends, advocacy/support organizations and entertainment.

There is no better way to learn about autism than to hear from someone directly. Our very own Ahmed, Grade 8, recorded a video where he answers questions about autism from his own perspective and experience. Check out the video here to hear what he has to say!

Their campaign was shared in all classes at CCC on April 2, and their resources were shared with all families and our Mathaf campus. Our Grade 6 students shared what they learned from the campaign here

Grade 7 Music – Sound Healing – 2020

As part of the Sound in Communication unit, students created Sound Healing pieces as a way to combat bullying in their grade. The students took action to address an issue in the school, raising awareness as a form of advocacy. The music will be used by Wellspring’s counseling department as a tool for working with students in the future. Thank you for your great work Grade 7! 

Grade 7 Math – SDG Data – 2020

As part of the Probability and Statistics unit in Grade 7 Math, students explored the UN Sustainable Development Goals by using data on the human development index and other indicators to compare high and low income countries and learn how data can help inform action. They identified organizations working on their chosen SDG and created a basic action plan for supporting their work. Student reflection videos and action plans were collected into a single resource that all Wellspring students can access for inspiration on how to get involved in service in the community.
Check out their ideas here

Grade 7 Music – Sound Healing – 2020

As part of the Sound in Communication unit, students created Sound Healing pieces as a way to combat bullying in their grade. The students took action to address an issue in the school, raising awareness as a form of advocacy. The music will be used by Wellspring’s counseling department as a tool for working with students in the future. Thank you for your great work Grade 7! Check out their music here

Grade 8 English – A Glimpse into the Past, Palestine Edition – 2019

As part of the Deconstructing Identity unit for Grade 8 English, students learned about the experiences and identities of refugees. After reading the book Tasting the Sky, students visited Social Support Society, an elderly center serving communities in Burj al Barajneh and Shatila, to hear and record the stories of elderly Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. They then created podcasts to share the recorded stories, along with historical context, in order to preserve the history of the community. The students were so moved by the experience of visiting with the elderly and hearing their stories that they wanted to see them again. Grade 8 hosted the elderly at Wellspring’s campus for a joyful Iftar celebration where they were able to share their podcasts and what they learned while spending time with their new friends. The Grade 8 students helped to organize the Iftar, taking responsibility for fundraising, decorating, serving the food and cleaning up. It was a highlight of the year for all involved! 

Grade 6 Digital Design – Advocating for Action – 2019

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Wellspring Grade 6 students researched issues affecting their communities and created advocacy presentations in the Enlightenment unit for Digital Design using Prezi. They shared their presentations with peers in Grades 6 and 7 to raise awareness about issues such as pollution, gender inequality, poverty and drug addiction. Thanks for teaching us about these important topics! Check out the results of their hard work below.

Illiteracy Presentation – Hassan Wehbe
Gender Equality Presentation – Lea Haj Sleiman
Homeless Animals in Lebanon Presentation – Yasmina Mourad
Dangers of the Internet Presentation – Sara Lynn Younes
Decent Work and Economic Growth Presentation – Noor Murad
Water Pollution Presentation – Miriam Hammoud
Animal Extinction Presentation – Marta Piquera Oliveira
Pollution Presentation – Leen Nasrallah

Grade 10 Biology – Adopt a Cedar Tree – 2018

As part of the Ecology unit in Grade 10 Biology, students explore the interaction of animals and the environment. Students investigated and researched about Lebanese cedars and the need to protect this species, then conducted an awareness campaign at school to raise funds to adopt a cedar tree as part of their plan to support community partners. They visited the AUB Herbarium and National Museum and Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve to take their learning outside the classroom. At the Reserve, students were able to plant the tree they adopted and they shared this experience with their peers at the Science Fair. 

Grade 7 Math – Reforestation for a Carbon Free Journey – 2018

Our Grade 7 Wellspringers engaged in a reforestation activity as part of their Math service project. They researched CO2 emissions of cars and did calculations to estimate the number of trees needed to compensate for the pollution caused by different cars. After meeting with Advanced Car Rental of Lebanon, they shared the results of their calculations for how many trees Advanced should plant in order to make up for the CO2 emissions released by their fleet of rental cars each year. In order to take action, Grade 7 joined Advanced Car Rental and Lebanon Reforestation Initiative to plant 450 trees in Joub Jenine as part of their annual reforestation initiative.