The Student Council at City Centre Campus

The election process and mission

  • The Student Council provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility and awareness of how the school is run, as well as to become involved in the schools overall development. The elected members meet every week and share ideas, interests and concerns with teachers, the administration and the school leadership team.
  • The Council comprises of Class Reps, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer. The process begins at the start of the school year with each class electing two representatives from their peers. Candidates have the opportunity to give speeches laying out their suitability for the role. These elections are followed by a campus-wide election for the President and Vice President from grades 10 and 11.
  •  In addition, the Student Council contributes to school activities including sporting, cultural and extra-curricular. It also liaises with Student Councils from other schools and fundraises for service as action and social events for the benefit and support of the students, school, local community and the environment.
  • The President is a leading officer, and sets an example for students regarding courtesy, fairness, and the application of rules.  The main function of the President is to run the Council meeting efficiently and fairly by supporting her arguments with the school policies and procedures. The Vice President works closely with the President and must be familiar with all the President’s responsibilities, deputizing for her and following up with the sub-committees and events. Together, the President and Vice President strive to be role models for responsible leadership in every aspect of community life.