Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

“Group 1 courses are designed to support future academic study by developing a high social, aesthetic and cultural literacy, as well as effective communication skills.” (DP Language A: literature guide IBO 2014).

The literature course is a requirement of all DP students. It is offered at both higher and standard level. Students will read a variety of texts and genres including works in translation; in Wellspring we draw on material from the region including work by the renowned Lebanese writer, Amin Maalouf. Other texts include the graphic novels Persepolis and V for Vendetta, the poetry of John Keats and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Students will be assessed in different ways; internal assessments in the form of Individual Oral Presentations (IOP), Individual Oral Commentaries (IOC), external assessments in the form of a Written Assignment (WA) and two formal examinations set by the IBO and administered by the school. It is a challenging course but one which will provide the students with communication and analytical skills essential in whatever path they take in the future.