Banking Details


  • All payments are made to the account of : Wellspring Learning Community .
  • Ensure that your child’s NAME is on the bank payment receipt .
  • Email a scanned copy of the bank receipt to the Accounting Department at : ; .
  • When paying a check into the bank, please write in the payee field the name of the bank, followed by “Wellspring Account” in brackets e.g. “Bank Audi (Wellspring Account)” .

In person Bank Payments ( Cash LBP or USD currency )

  • Bank Audi (any branch) Account# : 008795880027 LBP
  • Bank Audi (any branch) Account# : 008795880019 USD

For local bank transfers ( LBP or USD currency )

  • LBP  IBAN # : LB03/0056/0000/0000/0087/9588/0003 .
  • USD  IBAN # : LB57/0056/0000/0000/0087/9588/0001 .

For International Wire Transfers

  • USD  IBAN # : LB56/ 0056/ 0000/ 0000/ 0087/ 9588/ 0019 .

For all transfers, kindly add the below details :

  • Beneficiary: Wellspring Learning Community .
  • Beneficiary address: Mathaf, Main Road, Beirut, Lebanon .
  • Bank Audi, Bechara El Khoury branch / Al Banna & Sayrawan Bldg. Bechara El Khoury Street, Ras El Nabeh / PO Box 11-2560 – Beirut 1107 2808 Lebanon / AUDI Swift code: AUDBLBBX .

Dear Parents

Please keep this bank information with your tuition contract. You may use this information at the bank when you go to settle each tuition payment on or before the due date specified on your contract. For each payment, please make sure that your child’s name is clearly typed by the bank onto the bank receipt (not your name or the driver’s name). This will ensure that we can update your child’s account at Wellspring accurately and efficiently.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and continued support!

Wellspring Learning Community                        Tel: +961 1 283683×225