A welcome message from the PYP Principal

Welcome to the Homepage of the  PYP Mathaf campus.  Thank you for taking a look at us while you deliberate the critical question of  “Which school fits best with the needs of my child and our family?”

We invite you to navigate our site so that you can begin to develop a sense of what makes this school special, and is the right place for your children and family. We hope this site captures the passion we have of teaching and developing our students to be able meet the demands for this rapidly changing world.

Please take the time necessary to learn something of the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Primary Years Programme on offer at Wellspring for the Early and Elementary Years (K-5).  Hopefully you will begin to appreciate how our commitment to the values of the IBO, and the concepts developed in the PYP framework, provides a wonderful interactive, engaging and challenging learning experience for our students.

As a PYP school we are passionate about the role of inquiry in our teaching and learning. Teachers at the Mathaf campus work in partnership with the student to develop their research, communication, self-management, social and thinking skills. As the world is changing so quickly, we are preparing many of our students for jobs that have not yet been created. Therefore, our curriculum encourages the students to think, question, wonder, problem solve and delve into real life investigations to develop these skills that are essential for learning.

Research continually shows that teachers are vital in any students learning journey. Our teachers are well trained, well supported and are constantly striving to learn new practices. They make meaningful connections with their students, and therefore are able to support each child’s learning by differentiating instruction, as they truly understand how their students learn best.  

Our students realize that they are more than just educated at school-for many of them it is their second or extended home. They love coming to school where they feel cared for in a pastoral learning community.  This enables them to feel supported to take chances and become risk takers in their learning.