Physical and Health Education

MYP physical and health education courses, in combination with MYP sciences, help specifically to prepare students for the study of sports, exercise and health science in the IB Diploma Programme (DP). This rigorous course enables students to inquire into systems of the human body and explore how and why these systems work together. In their study of sports, exercise and health science, students learn how to apply their knowledge and understanding by critically analyzing human performance and through planning and conducting laboratory investigations.

MYP physical and health education also helps to prepare students for overall success in the DP and connects directly with their participation in creativity, action and service (CAS). In CAS students continue to develop skills in reflection that they use to undertake new challenges and plan activities – including competitive sports, personal athletic programmes and endurance events and physically active service learning projects. 

The knowledge, skills and attitudes that students develop in physical and health education courses provide a meaningful foundation for further study and help to prepare students for careers in education, recreation and leisure industries, health sciences, sports and exercise science, performance, coaching and fitness and community health management. 

The aims of MYP physical and health education are to encourage and enable students to:

  • use inquiry to explore physical and health education concepts
  • participate effectively in a variety of contexts
  • understand the value of physical activity
  • achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • collaborate and communicate effectively
  • build positive relationships and demonstrate social responsibility
  • reflect on their learning experiences 

More details of the curriculum can be found here