Learning Support

Wellspring provides learning support for all years, for students with diverse learning needs. We champion an inclusive approach consistent with the International Baccalaureate policy as presented here:

“Inclusion is an ongoing process that takes into consideration the uniqueness of each individual’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs in order to provide them with best learning opportunities and to promote an education that develop life-long learner and active international minded citizens. Inclusion is the learner profile in action, an outcome of dynamic learning communities.” (SEN within the IB programs, 2010:3)

We support the notion that, with the right skills, training, strategies and support, the majority of students with special educational needs/learning diversity can be successfully included in mainstream education. However, the regular programs offered at Wellspring may not be appropriate for every student, all of the time. Students’ learning needs are considered on a case-by-case basis and the needs of all the students, parents and resources available at school are taken into account when planning for the best approach for any particular student.

When students are receiving support from therapists or other professionals outside the school, the learning support staff are committed to liaising transparently with the external professionals in order to maximize the benefit to the student.

All learning support staff adhere to rules of confidentiality and are committed to maintaining a safe and successful learning environment for all students.

Wellspring provides the following professional support staff at all program levels:

  •     Social-emotional-behavioral/special educational needs counselors
  •     Academic support teachers
  •     College and career counselors