Urgent Information for Grade 11 DP Students

Important information related to the DP drop and add and academic conditions.

Dear Wellspring Parents and Students of Grade 11 DP,

As we get more into the academic year, some students have asked to change their subjects and/or levels. This is very understandable and we will do our best to accommodate such requests.

Please note the following:
Drop and Add: we have our usual Drop and Add period during which time students may change courses quite easily by talking to me and explaining why they want to change.

  • The Drop and Add ends on 7 October 2016.
  • After that date, any changes will be very carefully considered and only allowed in exceptional circumstances; it will be the responsibility of the student to make up any missed work.

Failing Conditions: In deciding on subjects and levels, it is important to keep in mind certain considerations.

  • Higher Level subjects carry risks of failing conditions: if a student scores a level 2 in an HL subject, he/she will NOT get the diploma. Similarly, if the total score of HL subjects is below 12, the students will NOT get the diploma.

Therefore, it is very important that HL subjects are chosen carefully. Students may be advised to change HL subjects, particularly in Math, if there is a risk of a failing condition.

  • After the Drop and Add period, each student will receive a letter in which his/her final choice of subjects will be listed.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
Thank you

Kathleen Saleh
DP Coordinator