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Student Document Request Form

Please fill in the applicable fields with the required information:
Type of Document Requested:
For Progress Reports:
For School Letters:
Please include the name and full address of the institution where the letter will be submitted.
- (For example: Mother or Father's employer, Primary/Secondary School name, University, Social Security, Embassy, Military Office, General Security, or other institutions.)
- Please do not use anonymous terms such "To whom it may concern"; provide us with the name and the full address of the institution of which the letter is submitted to
Name of the Person requesting the Student Document(s):
NOTE: Any requests for official student documents made by a person who is NOT designated in the school records as the student's parent or legal guardian, will require permission from the parent or legal guardian to fulfill the request. The school will contact the designated parent or legal guardian for further instruction.
-Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your documents to be prepared. Kindly contact the front office to check if your document request is ready for pick-up.

-The completed documents may picked up from the front office by the Parent, Legal Guardian or other adult representative of the family. A Parent or Legal Guardian will need to sign for the document(s) upon pick-up from the front office.

-Completed documents will not be sent home with the student.

Thank you!