Letter from the PYP Principal

A letter from the PYP Principal

Dear Parents,

It is very exciting to welcome back to school all the returning Wellspring families and many new ones as well. I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday and found time to rest, relax and enjoy some adventurous and fun activities together. We have a very busy year planned on the calendar this year and we always welcome and encourage parents to be partners in the education we offer here at Wellspring.

Dates To Remember





September 22


KG1 & KG2 Parent Orientation Evening at Mathaf

September 23


Grades 1 & 2 Parent Orientation Evening at Mathaf 

September 29


Grades 3 & 4 Parent Orientation Evening at Mathaf

September 30


Grade 5 Parent Orientation Evening at CCC

October 5,6,7
1:30 – 4:00 pm

Early Years P/T by appointment


Grade 5

I loved visiting Grade 5 students this week in their new setting. They are settled, happy and all grown up. Ms. Ola, Ms. Samira and I will be visiting regularly to ensure they are progressing in their PYP curriculum and are content in their new environment.

Art of Living-ES

The Art of Living ES Program, provides youth with healthy strategies to manage their stress and emotions through a 30-hour experiential curriculum. There are three modules: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Healthy Lifestyle. The program generates among our youth meaningful conversations, practices and habits around sustaining a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. From September 26, Grade 5 students will have a daily hour to work on developing these skills with the homeroom teacher and a specialised instructor. After the 30 consecutive hours of instruction, there will also be a weekly follow up session.

Eid Break

Eid Mubarak

A reminder to all families that both Wellspring Learning Community’s campuses will be closed all next week. Classes will resume on September 19.

Parent Orientation Evenings

These important events on the school calendar begin this month. Please see dates above.

It is a time for parents to meet the teachers and to hear about the class programs, routines and procedures. We have found in the past that if parents come at the beginning of the year and learn about the class routines, especially to do with homework the year runs more smoothly for all.

Summer Homework

The summer homework is due on Monday September 19. Please ensure your child submits the work to his/her teacher. Thank you for your support and patience with Splash Math. We realize that we still have issues with some students still unable to complete the program. We have contacted the technical support company again and are hoping to resolve these issues soon.

Student Handbook and forms

The Student Handbook and forms were given to you in a white envelope during the first week of school and these were also sent as soft copies. Please read, sign and return these important forms to the Homeroom Teacher by Monday, September 26th. 

Changes to Dismissal

The front office and my office work very hard to ensure all changes to dismissal are taken into account but we ask parents to please notify us early in the day. No changes will be accepted after 11am on Wednesdays or 12 Noon on normal school days. This is for the safety of your child. 

Classroom Supplies

Thank you for sending in the student supplies. The folders are being organized to be used for homework and to collate the students’ class work.  All student materials need to be clearly labeled, particularly lunch boxes, drink bottles and clothing. 


This will be coming home after Eid break with explicit instructions for its completion. The Elementary students will have a Reading Log like last year where they record their home reading.

Playground Agreements

Playground agreements have been set with the students with three main agreements: BE SAFE, BE KIND and BE PRINCIPLED. Teachers are working with the students so they are aware of what these mean. Discussions with your children would help their understanding as well.


Our software is being updated and we will inform you when it becomes available.


You will find the holiday calendar and a monthly calendar of events on the school’s website.

Professional Development

During teacher orientation, our teaching staff spent time planning and laying the foundations to embark on this year’s journey. They have worked with the written curriculum to set grade teaching and learning programs. Both the Early Years teachers and the Elementary teachers worked on assessment with the Elementary completing a two-day workshop with the Principal Training Center (PTC) from the United States. Classrooms environments have been improved with fresh paint, new furniture and resources.

Protect ED – Safety Education Program

Kidproof is a new program we are implementing this year from Grades 1-4. It is a Canadian program that comes with great recommendations. The aims of the program are to provide preventative safety education so children learn the critical thinking skills and knowledge to recognize danger, the strength and self esteem necessary to protect their personal and emotional safety, and the confidence and compassion to better citizens of the future. 

The students will receive workbooks and the teachers are undertaking specific training in the delivery of the six themes: personal safety, healthy living, emotional safety, anti-bullying, ethics and citizenship and Internet safety. More information will come to parents in the Parent Books that you will receive.

Kind Regards,
Julene Want
PYP Principal