Wellspring Calendar 23 – 24

Wellspring Calendar 22 – 23

School Profile 23 – 24

Mathaf Supplies List 2023 – 2024

Middle School Supplies List 2023 – 2024

Secondary School Supplies List 2023 – 2024

Back to School WLC Nurses Letter to Parents

AUB Partial Scholarship Awarded to Ahmad Awada 2021 – 2022

PYP Exhibition 2018

Check out what grade 5 students had to say about their PYPX experience as well as a brief overview of the event.

Wellspring Documentary

Discover more about Wellspring Learning Community by watching this short documentary.

Community Workshops

Part of Wellspring Learning Community’s initiative “Week Without Walls” that includes orientation for their students, they have passed by The Little Engineer and had a 3 hours workshop at BDD to discover more about robotics and solar energy.