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Wellspring - Ajialona Association Fund Raiser

Ajialouna’s representatives visited Wellspring Learning Community, during..

Dear PYP Parents,

As a group of caring individuals, Wellspring Learning Community is partnering with Ajialouna Association to raise funds for children with cancer. Ajialouna is  well-known in the local community for its numerous activities in raising awareness through different events at schools and companies. “Tomooh Saad Abdul Latif Program”,which supports underprivileged students who are academically gifted achieve their goals through scholarships, and “Life Petals Program” a fund raising program to support needy kids with cancer are two of Ajialouna’s initiatives.

On Thursday, May 19th, Ajialouna’s representatives visited Wellspring Learning Community, during recess time. They sold items such as pens, bracelets, and colorful rubber erasers  to support Wellspring’s “ Life Petals Program”. On Wednesday May 18th, the day before the event, Wellspring students chose from Ajilouna's list a special patient who received Wellspring’s donations toward their individual medical needs. 

Thank you,

Zeinab El Tannir
Executive Assistant 
Students Activities and Service Learning Coordinator

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