The following is a list of our academic and administrative staff.



Mrs. Najwa Shammas

Head of School

Ms. Kathleen Battah, Head of School/ PYP Head / MYP Principal / DP Head


Ms. Julene Want, PYP Principal
Ms. Zeina Baroudy, PYP Principal's Assistant / Academic Assistant 
Ms. Tharwat Abed El Sater, PYP Assistant Principal
Ms. Ola Itani Zein, PYP Coordinator
Ms. Nisrine Shehade, PYP Early Years Head

Ms. Samah Abo Ghazal Eido, PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Leila Hariri, PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Nathalie Bannout,  PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Salam Itani, PYP Early Years Teacher / PYP Early Years Arabic Subject Leader
Ms. Alaa Yassin, PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Ninetta Challita,  PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Alison Kwang-Fei Lo, PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Dina Naccache, PYP Early Years French and Arabic Teacher
Ms. Rola Salha, PYP Early Years Arabic Teacher

Ms. Nour Ghusayni, PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Ann Long,  PYP Early Years Teacher
Ms. Nour Hammoud, PYP Early Years Assistant Teacher
Ms Dana Abusada, PYP Early Years Assistant Teacher
Ms. Nour Ghaziri, PYP Early Years Assistant Teacher 
Ms. Nataly Maktaby,  PYP Early Years Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sorina Kayed,  PYP Early Years Support Teacher / After School Program Assistant

Mr. Thomas Jubert, PYP Elementary Teacher
Ms. Nadine Daya, PYP Elementary Teacher
Ms. Shireen Banna, PYP Elementary Teacher
Ms. Nada Mzahem, PYP Elementary Teacher
Ms. Vilma Agel, PYP Elementary Teacher
Ms. Iman Mansour, PYP Elementary Teacher

Ms. Zeina Jizzini,  PYP Elementary Teacher

Ms. Samira Jardak, PYP Elementary Arabic Teacher/ PYP Arabic Subject Leader

Ms. Hiba Tabbal,  PYP Arabic Support Teacher
Ms. Manal El Ghaziri, PYP Arabic and Arabic as a Second Language Teacher
Ms. Hilda Assaf, PYP Arabic Teacher / Arabic as a Second Language Teacher
Ms. Khouloud El Sayegh, PYP Elementary Arabic Teacher
Ms. Jouria Fawaz,  PYP Arabic and ASL Teacher
Ms. Mariam Audi,  PYP Arabic Teacher

Ms. Lara Molaeb, PYP Music Teacher/ MYP Arts - Music Teacher/ Arts Subject Leader
Ms. Xiao Wakim, PYP Music Teacher

Ms. Marwa Kebbi, PYP Learning Support Teacher
Ms. Dareen Nasr, PYP Math Support Teacher
Ms. Hiba Hojeij, PYP Math SupportTeacher

Ms. Chirine Lahoud, PYP French Teacher
Ms. Jihane Abou Khater, PYP Computer Science Teacher
Ms. Nadine Sures, PYP Drama Teacher

Ms. Marie El Khoury, PYP Librarian

Ms. Rana Raslan, ASL Coordinator 

Ms. Souhair Ballout, PYP Housekeeping and Lunch Program 


Ms. Mirna Raslan, CCC Assistant Principal / MYP and DP Chemistry Teacher / MYP and DP Students Academic Advisor (SAA)
Mr. Stephen Marpole, Dean of Students / MYP Physics and General Science Teacher
Ms. Tala Al Massarweh, MYP Coordinator/ Personal Project Coordinator/MYP Sciences Subject Leader/ MYP and DP Biology Teacher / Design Subject Leader / PE Subject Leader

Ms. Amy Trabka, MYP/DP Arts Teacher
Ms. Joan Zakhour, MYP History,Geography and English Teacher

Ms. Anjel Lublubjian, MYP Math Teacher / Managebac Administrator / Pamogea On-site Coordinator / ICT Leader
Mr. Nicolas Al Ashkar, MYP Math Teacher
Ms. Rola Alameh, MYP Math Teacher / Brevet Prep Teacher

Ms. Farah Fawaz, MYP English Teacher / ATL Leader / Global Context Leader / ESL Teacher
Ms. Denise Dewhurst,  MYP and DP English Language and Literature Teacher / MYP Drama Teacher
Ms. Sara Refai,  MYP English Teacher

Mr. Ahmad Yamout, Athletic Administrator / MYP Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Sandy Safi, Early Years and MYP French Teacher / French Subject Leader
Ms. Pamela Colantonio, MYP Italian Teacher

Ms. Lina Kouzi,  MYP and DP Arabic Subject Leader / DP Arabic Teacher
Ms. Nisreen Al Aridi, MYP Arabic Teacher / MYP Arabic Humanities Facilitator 
Ms. Lena Chibani,  MYP Arabic Teacher / Language Acquisition Subject Leader / Foreign Language Subject Leader
Mr. Chawki Fawaz,  MYP and Lebanese Program Arabic Teacher
Ms. Zeina Mourtada, MYP Arabic Teacher

Ms. Denise Chammas,  MYP Computer Science and Digital Design Teacher
Ms. Iman Kawwas,  MYP Computer Science and Digital Design Teacher

Ms. Rabab Hatoum,  MYP and DP Math Support Teacher

Ms. Farah Chkeir, MYP and DP Librarian

Mr. Ernesto Ramos Uceta, MYP Spanish Teacher
Ms. Joyce Adam Kim, MYP French Teacher

Ms. Farah Abed Ali, MYP and DP Biology Teacher
Mr. Avo Astourian,  MYP and DP Physics Teacher
Ms. Reem Halawi Kontar, MYP Science Teacher
Ms. Narine Mardirossian,  Part-time MYP Science Teacher / Science Lab Technician

Ms. Sara Sibai, MYP Arts - Drama Teacher/ MYP Service Learning Coordinator / MPY and DP CAS Coordinator
Ms. Soulafa Soubra, MYP Art Teacher


Ms. Kathleen Saleh, DP Coordinator / DP Teacher / MYP and DP English Subject Leader
Ms. Diana Nasreddine, DP Computer Science Teacher
Mr. Edmond Abboud, DP Math Teacher
Ms Lama El Awad, DP Environmental Social Science Teacher
Ms. Rana Sabbagh, DP Math Teacher 
Ms. Salia Hoteit, Curriculum Mapping Coordinator

Learner Services Group

Ms. Rana Chartouny, Early Years Learning Support Coordinator/ Teacher
Ms. Jouhayna Jradi, PYP Special Needs Teacher
Ms. Nanar Iknadiossian,  PYP Special Needs Teacher

Ms. Mai Baconi, MYP and DP Learner Services Diversity Head

Ms. Tala Noweisser, MYP and DP School Counselor
Ms. Aksana Hanna,  PYP School Counselor 

School Administration  

Ms. Melanie Dib, HR/Recruitment Director
Ms. Claude Bechara Rizkallah, HR Assistant

Ms. Rana Farroukh, Admissions Manager / Front Office Supervisor
Ms. Zeinab El Tannir,  PYP Executive Assistant / Student Activities and Service Learning Coordinator
Ms. Jessy Touma,  PYP Administrative Assistant / Front Office
Ms. Basma Saad,  PYP Administrative Assistant/Front Office

Ms. Linda Faour, Assistant to the Head of School
Ms. Joanna Barrak,
Assistant to the CCC Assistant Principal

Ms. Rima Chaarawi, MYP Executive Administrative Assistant
Ms. Abir Makki, School Strategic Development Planning Administrator

Ms. Haifa Moubayad, Senior Accountant
Ms. Racha Demloj, Accountant
Ms. Alexandra Chalouhi, Accountant
Ms. Moniya Makhoul, Junior Accountant at CCC

Ms. Abir Ghazzawi, Office Assistant
Ms. Zahia Saleh, Office Assistant

Ms. Joyce Sawaya, PYP School Nurse
Ms. Maria Rahal, MYP and DP School Nurse

Dr. Ghassan El-Nemr,  IT Director
Eng. Layal Abou Chakra, System Engineer
Mr. Tarek Abou Orm, IT Support Tech

Eng. Roudy Daoud, Physical Plant and Facilities Manager
Mr. Joseph Ghareeb Assistant Physical Plant Manager
Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Maintenance





Al Mathaf, Main Street  |  PO Box 116-2134  |  Beirut, Lebanon