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The Nursery class, for children aged 3-4 years, lays the foundation for life-long learning. While for some children the Nursery may mark a child's first learning environment outside the home; it also marks the entrance into the PYP for all learners.

The Nursery children are engaged in four units of inquiry throughout the year. The main skills focus is:
  •     Learning to communicate (with gestures, verbally, and through art-making)
  •     Learning to be a member of a social group
  •     Taking the initiative to manage tasks related to self-organization and personal hygiene
  •     Realizing that one has ideas and respecting the perspectives of others
  •     Noticing details about the surrounding world
  •     Listening to stories
  •     Mark-making
  •     Role-playing
Developing these skills are part of the emergent literacy approach, which will also come to the fore in later years.





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