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KG1, for 4 and 5 year olds, builds on skills emphasized in Nursery. Here, the children learn about the self but also begin to know others more deeply. They begin to more effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas verbally, and are challenged to do so in more representational ways (such as through drawing, making a model, or role-playing). Stories and verses form an essential part of the KG1 experience. An authentic grasp of the patterns of oral language lays the groundwork for the written language emphasized both in KG1, and more noticeably in the future. KG1 children are engaged in researching the surrounding world, and are encouraged to make meaningful marks in the form of tables, charts, maps, graphs; as well as in more aesthetic ways. The children are more able to regulate conflict situations when they arise, and adults try to scaffold this as much as possible. Dramatizing and listening to stories piques the children's interests in rich literature, an essential component which leads to reading readiness. The children explore the world via four units of inquiry. 





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