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PYP Early Years

Children have an innate potential to inquire, question and wonder—about themselves, others and the world around them. They are keen observers and explorers. Through their experiences of the world around them, children naturally and effortlessly develop intricate, multi-layered perceptions. They have a strong potential to inquire, and educators tap into this potential, through the units of inquiry.

Learning at this age happens authentically and seamlessly when children are immersed in an engaging and stimulating environment where practical, play-based learning takes place. The learning experience in the PYP for young students is a shared journey of discovery where adults and children uncover the curriculum together and document their learning as they experience it. Regular repetition of sequences of thoughts, words and actions forms an important part of the learning process in the PYP Early Years. High-quality interactions between adults and children during these years are essential for a truly meaningful and beneficial learning experience. These sustained conversations over time enable children to revisit experiences and deepen their understandings.

(Text above was adapted from the document, PYP in the Early Years, published by the IB.)





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