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MYP Design technology aspires to develop creative, caring and responsible problem solvers who are able to respond critically and resourcefully to the demands of our increasingly technological society.  We encourage our students to appreciate the importance of technology for society and the environment.

Design technology aims to develop a high level of design literacy by enabling students to develop critical-thinking and design skills, which they can apply in a practical context.

The aims of MYP design are to encourage and enable students to:

  • —  Enjoy the design process, develop an appreciation of its elegance and power.
  • —  Develop knowledge, understanding and skills from different disciplines to design and create solutions to problems using the design cycle.
  • —  Use and apply technology effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, model and create solutions, and to  solve problems.
  • —  Develop an appreciation of the impact of design innovations for life, global society and environments.
  • —  Appreciate past, present and emerging design within cultural, political, social, historical and environmental contexts.
  • —  Develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems.
  • —  Act with integrity and honesty, and take responsibility for own actions, developing effective working practices.
The design cycle represents the MYP design methodology of how designers develop products. This process leads to the creation of solutions that solve a problem. It is divided into four stages and these relate to the objectives of the course: 
  1. Inquiring and analyzing: Students identify the problem to be solved, they analyse the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem.  — 
  2. Developing ideas: Students write a detailed specification, which drives the development of a solution. — 
  3. Creating the solution: Students plan the creation of the chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototype sufficient for testing and  evaluation. — 
  4. Evaluating: Students design tests to evaluate the solution, carry out those tests and objectively evaluate its success. Students identify areas where the solution could be improved and explain how their solution will impact on the client or target audience.

    Information taken from: MYP design cycle 2014





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