Mother's Day
Wolfstock at AUB Bathish Auditorium
3C Presents Situational Dramas
From the PYP Art & Music Exhibition
  • 2017 Grade 12 Graduation at AUB Assembly Hall June 10, 2017
  • Mother's Day
    Wellspring Learning Community Mathaf Campus celebrates Mother's Day on March 21, 2018
  • Wolfstock at AUB Bathish Auditorium
  • 3C Presents Situational Dramas
    Tia Zaidan: Student Reporter In December four students from Grade 3C performed a drama presentation about how to recognize safe strangers as part of their ProtectED Curriculum. They performed on spiral to show and prove their learning and to share with other grades that might not know this information. The other classes were very interested and enjoyed the presentations a lot. They were a great audience and listened carefully while noticing what the presenters were trying to tell them.
  • After conducting a survey concerning fire safety awareness as part of the ProtectED Curriculum at Wellspring, students from Grade 3A scripted a skit to inform the school about fire safety rules. The role-play was performed on Spiral in front of Grades 1 - 4. Students acted out a fire in the kitchen that had gotten out of hand. They sequenced their responses beginning with staying calm, testing the door to see if there was a fire, stop drop and roll, stop drop and crawl, finding an escape route and calling the fire station.

  • Ms Sara Sibai and Grade 8 Drama students attended the Friday Opening ISTA Ceremony at The Overseas School of Colombo.
  • Wellspring's Scandinavian Linguistic and Cultural Club participating in Sweden's SUF-Olympiaden on October 22. Our students India and Karl Grade 1 and Roxanne and Saima Grade 5 along with mom Karin event coordinator of the Scandi Club celebrate their success with medals and smiles.

  • From the PYP Art & Music Exhibition
  • Dedicated and focused on the stylistic demands of the piece, Grade 10 and 9 Drama students show maturity in their understanding of their roles in the adaptation of Garcia Lorca’s “House of Bernada Alba”, performed at LAU “Reflections” festival on the 26th October, 2018.
  • Ms. Tala El Massarweh, MYP Coordinator, during the MYP Parent Assessment at CCC on October 11, 2017
  • Earning Kudos from Ms Mirna

PYP Exhibition 2016

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