• Blind date with a book (PYP Library)
    Blind date with a book - An initiative by the PYP Library Committee
  • Early Years Family Inquiry Morning 2016
    Check the full album on Facebook via this link.
  • A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (Online ticket booking)
  • Early Years Family Inquiry Morning 2016
    Check full album on facebook via this link
  • Dowload our app
  • Vacation Calendar 2016 - 2016
  • Arabic Day 2
    From our Arabic Day
  • Arabic Day 4
  • Arabic Day 1
    From our Arabic Day
  • Military Visit

    From the student's field trip to the Lebanese Army Military Academy. Check the full album on this link.

  • Winter Stories
  • Chess Players
    From the PYP Chess Club
  • How can we solve this issue
    "How can we solve the garbage crisis?"
  • Hour of Code
    From the "Hour of Code" at the Mathaf campus
  • EY HErbs Inquiry
    Early Years Inquiry
  • OH 1
    From our Open House. Check out the full album on our facebook page here.
  • Apply Now
  • Lab Experiments
  • OH 2
    From our Open House. Check out the full album on our facebook page here.
  • CCC Independence Day
    From the Independence Day celebration at CCC
  • Lab Experiment
  • Independence kids
    From our Independence Day celebration. Click here to check the full album on our facebook page.
  • Three Way
    From the 3-Way Conferences 
  • Inquiry Lebanon
  • Library Reading Group
  • Independence Julene
    From our Independence Day celebration. Click here to check the full album on our facebook page.
  • Experimenting PD
    From the "Experimenting" stage during the Teacher's Professional Development
  • Camus Life
  • Risk Taker Wed
  • in class
  • Library books
  • Art Work
  • Music Class
  • Talal Kontar
    Imad Shour (G.9) interviewed the Lebanese musician and composer Mr. Talal Kontar, for his personal project on music.
  • Halloween
    From our PYP "Come as You Like" day
  • Robotics
    VEX Robotics at Wellspring
  • Artroom second
  • Children new
  • LSE
    Representatives of the London School of Economics at Wellspring
  • Artroom
  • Nice Weekend!
  • Recycling through art
    Recycling through art
  • Mathaf Classroom French
  • Grade 9 at the lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Biology
  • Inquiry at the Mathaf (KG)
  • Arabic Lena
  • Apply now
  • Mirna Lab
  • Wellspring becoming the first IB Continuum School in Lebanon
  • Music Class
  • New 4
  • New 5
  • New 6
  • Mathaf Spiral
  • Old One
  • A Journey of Self-Discovery!
    Our grade 11 students on their community service trip to South Africa.
  • New 1
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    Discover more about Wellspring Learning Community by watching this short documentary: 

    TEDxYouth@WellspringLC 2014

    TEDxYouth@WellspringLC 2014

    In 2014 Wellspring became the first school in Lebanon to host a TEDxYouth event. Watch the trailer here!

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    Feb 13
    Grade 12 Physics and Business extra sessions
    Feb 15
    DP: Pamoja mocks
    Feb 16
    English consultancy for grades 11 and 12 by arrangement with Ms Denise
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    Theory of Knowledge Conference (February 2016) For the first time, Wellspring students will be taking part in the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) conference held annually in AUB. We appreciate the efforts of our colleagues at ACS for arranging this event and inviting our participation...
    “A View from the Bridge” - Booking reminder (few seats left)

    Please make sure to register online using this link to reserve your tickets (link here)

    Attention all Grade 5 Students and Parents A ski trip representative will be at the Mathaf campus tomorrow, Wednesday, February 3rd...
    PYP After School Activities - Term 2

    Wellspring's After-School Activities department has launched the second season for  2015/2016...

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