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Learning Diversity Policy

It is expected that all students in IB World Schools will experience positive and productive learning environments where strengths are emphasized. Wellspring’s approach to learning for all students is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization’s four principles of good practice: affirming identity and building self-esteem; valuing prior knowledge; scaffolding and extending learning (SEN within the IB programmes, 2010:5).

Wellspring’s Student Learning Diversity Group (SLDG) supports the notion that with proper skill training, strategies and individual support, students with mild learning diversities may be successfully included in an IB classroom. The global needs of the student, the academic requirements of the school’s IB Programme, the student’s potential, the parents’ expectations, the school’s abilities and facilities must all be considered carefully in planning for a best fit approach for inclusion into Wellspring’s learning environment. Parents/legal guardians are viewed by Wellspring as full partners in the educational process and they must be fully committed to support the school’s decision in special educational plans or outside interventions required for their child.

The full learning diversity policy can be found here.





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