Service Learning in MYP 

IB learners strive to be caring members of the community who demonstrate a personal commitment to service and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment.

When connected to classroom learning, the experience of service offers opportunities to apply concepts, skills and knowledge. Students explore the community in its complexity, gain personal insight, develop existing and new skills and grow in confidence and responsibility as they become actors in the world beyond school.

Wellspring offers curriculum-based service learning in the MYP where students work together to take action on an issue affecting their community while making direct connections to the classroom. Service happens in many other ways at Wellspring, including service-focused experiences during Week Without Walls or student-led initiatives at school such as food and clothing drives.

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Service Learning at Wellspring 2018-2019

Grade 9 - Together Against Hunger

As an extension of the Food and Digestion unit in Biology, Grade 9 students collaborated with the Lebanese Food Bank to understand the nutritional value of the boxes that the NGO donates to families in need across Lebanon. Then, the students took action to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in Lebanon and collected donated food items and money to support the efforts of the Lebanese Food Bank. The students collected enough donations to make 47 food boxes, the equivalent of $940! These boxes were donated to different organizations that serve their local communities - The Bird's Nest Orphanage in Jbeil and Ministry of Social Affairs Ein El Remmeneh - as well as to individual families in need.

Grade 8 - A Glimpse into the Past, Palestine Edition

As part of the Deconstructing Identity for Grade 8 English, students learned about the experiences and identities of refugees. After reading the book Tasting the Sky, students visited Social Support Society, an elderly center serving communities in Burj al Barajneh and Shatila, to hear and record the stories of elderly Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. They then created podcasts to share the recorded stories, along with historical context, in order to preserve the history of the community. The students were so moved by the experience of visiting with the elderly and hearing their stories that they wanted to see them again. Grade 8 hosted the elderly at Wellspring's campus for a joyful Iftar celebration where they were able to share their podcasts and what they learned while spending time with their new friends. The Grade 8 students helped to organize the Iftar, taking responsibility for fundraising, decorating, serving the food and cleaning up. It was a highlight of the year for all involved!


Grade 7 - Reforestation for a Carbon Free Journey

This year, our Grade 7 Wellspringers engaged in a reforestation activity as part of their Math service project. They researched CO2 emissions of cars and did calculations to estimate the number of trees needed to compensate for the pollution caused by different cars. After meeting with Advanced Car Rental of Lebanon, they shared the results of their calculations for how many trees Advanced should plant in order to make up for the CO2 emissions released by their fleet of rental cars each year. In order to take action, Grade 7 joined Advanced Car Rental and Lebanon Reforestation Initiative to plant 450 trees in Joub Jenine as part of their annual reforestation initiative.

Grade 6 - Advocating for Action

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Wellspring Grade 6 students researched issues affecting their communities and created advocacy presentations in the Enlightenment unit for Digital Design using Prezi. They shared their presentations with peers in Grades 6 and 7 to raise awareness about issues such as pollution, gender inequality, poverty and drug addiction. Thanks for teaching us about these important topics! Check out the results of their hard work below.

Illiteracy Presentation - Hassan Wehbe
Gender Equality Presentation - Lea Haj Sleiman
Animal Extinction Presentation - Marta Piquera Oliveira
Pollution Presentation - Leen Nasrallah

Service Learning at Wellspring 2017-2018

Together Against Hunger

Grade 9 Biology Project under the motto "Together Against Hunger."

Our students raised $330 and packed 16 packages according to set specifications from the Lebanese Food Bank. Students also shared their reflections and some of these were documented in a video form that was edited by one of our own students Jamal Junior Sanaan. Special thanks to Eagle Films for their generous contributions and being partners with us in this awareness campaign. Check out the video here!





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