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Click here to access the full PYP Policy Brief for Parents Handbook.

PYP Homework Policy

Homework is a valuable part of schooling. The primary purpose of homework is to reinforce, enrich, develop important skills or understand key concepts. Homework is also intended to help students work in an increasingly self-directed manner, learn to manage time, and develop responsibility.

The full homework policy can be found here.

PYP Assessment Guidelines

Wellspring’s assessment policy and guidelines reflects the school’s mission. The purpose of this document is to help teachers, students, and parents clarify their understanding of the assessment processes used at Wellspring. This handbook is a document that will constantly change as needed to reflect the school’s evolving assessment needs. 

The full assessment guidelines document can be found here.

PYP Language Guidelines

The school’s a written language policy (including provision for second‑language teaching and mother-tongue language support) meets the needs of the students and reflects the principles of the programme. Programme Standards and Practices: B1.20, IB (2005).

The full language guidelines document can be found here.





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