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The 5 and 6 year-olds in KG2 are engaged in six transdisciplianry units which are the base of the written curriculum. At this age, children are more able to create representational drawings. Their fine motor abilities are more defined, and coupled with a rich literacy program, the children are encouraged to record their thoughts and ideas in different ways. Emergent literacy, emphasized since Nursery and in the home, has helped the children love languages and stories, and appreciate the richness of words. Hence, the KG2 children are ready to begin more direct instruction in reading and writing. Socially, the children are encouraged to find ways to resolve conflicts and co-exist with others. An emphasis is placed on self-management, including organizing one's belongings and attending to personal hygiene more independently. Formulating ideas about how the world works, testing these out, and recording the results, is focused on more in-depth. Here, when articulating and testing out theories, the children use their awareness of numeracy (including numbers, quantities, patterns) to collect and analyze data.

By the end of KG2, children leave the Early Years appreciating the richness and complexities of the world, are more aware of print, and can use their bank of skills to explore topics and articulate their ideas both verbally and in writing.  





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