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The Arts

Through study in the arts, students develop their imagination, critical thinking and capacity for reflection, while exploring the dynamic and creative processes the arts encompass. Participation in art practices nurtures the multiple intelligences that promote social, emotional, intellectual and personal well-being essential for a balanced and productive life. At Wellspring, one visual and two performing arts options are offered: visual arts, music and drama. These subject areas are assessed using four equally important objectives: knowing and understanding, developing skills, thinking creatively, and responding.


In drama, students experience the process of translating ideas from script to live performance, grounded in universal themes relevant to their lives. Students work collaboratively to develop skills in writing, directing, and rehearsed as well as improvisational performance. They also learn how to respond to stimuli, evaluate their own and others' performances, and review production elements and theatrical pieces from diverse cultures.


The music program aims to involve students in different aspects of music making, starting with listening, reading and performing and ending with composing written works, so as to give them a solid basis from which they can develop further interest.

Visual art

Visual arts students explore drawing and design elements and principles through two and three-dimensional media in response to their own individual aesthetic, and perceptions of the world around them. Through practice of discipline-specific skills and exposure to art forms from around the world and across time, students grow in their ability to express themselves through the language of visual communication.


In media, students learn how to translate their ideas into a motion picture without using sophisticated equipment. By developing skills in the fields of shooting, editing, scriptwriting and directing, students will be able to share their perceptions on personal, communal and global issues through moving images.





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